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Episode 21 / David Huntsberger

This week, David Huntsberger (Professor Blastoff) tells the surreal story of Tig Notaro’s breast cancer diagnosis from his perspective.  He discusses the perils of staying on-task & the joy of having one of the only podcasts with its own canon of mythology.  Seth and Dillon rejoice over the successful launch of their new podcast network, Tangent Audio!  Apologies to the band Air.



The Podcast Cast with Christen Manville

The delightful, the hysterical, the effervescent Christen Manville claims her post as the rightful host of The Podcast Cast.  She sits down with Seth Milstein to discuss the brand new Tangent Audio Network and all the fun content that’s just around the corner! We are at war with Eastasia, we will always be at war with Eastasia.



Episode 19 / Andy Bradwin

After weeks of uncertainty, we finally bring you our nearly lost and severely overdue farewell to comedian & Irish powder-keg, Andy Bradwin.  He explains why he can’t bring himself to listen to podcasts.  Seth and Dillon discuss Doug Stanhope’s “I Don’t Have a Podcast” Podcast and Put Your Hands Together.  YKINMKBYKIOK!



Episode 18 / Dave Hill

We’re back!  After an extended hiatus, The Podcast Cast sits down with Dave Hill (Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, This American Life) to discuss befriending television legends and being a dubious guest vocalist.  We review shows by Dan Webber and Little Esther, and Seth clues us in on a frightening new way to die. Did’ja miss us?



Episode 17 / Marc Maron

Marc Maron sits down to talk about the history and evolution of WTF and to spread awareness of a serious legal issue faced by podcasters of all walks.  Seth and Dillon chat about Everything Sounds and Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast.  Go to the EFF website and join in the fight against patent trolls!



The Week in Review - 03/03/2013

Q: Hey, what is this? A: It’s the Week in Review, Seth and Dillon’s conversational podcast about what they listened to that week! Q: Why would anyone listen to that? A: Stop being so negative, voice in my head!



The Week in Review - 02/26/2013

No regular episode this week due to technical difficulties, sorry folks!  Instead, why not listen to the week in review, our 100% unedited discussion podcast where we talk about what we listened to that week?  We’ll be back next week with a regular episode.



Episode 16 / Dustin Marshall

Hare Krishna!  This week features Dustin Marshall, the hardest working man in podcasting, and he tells all about his split from Earwolf, the philosophy behind Feral Audio and the high cost of building an ethical empire.  Then, returning to the old format, Seth and Dillon review Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan and Steve Agee: Uhhh.  Coconut Oil > Clarified Butter.



Harmania part 4 / Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon, the Mayor of Harmontown, tells us how Community fans softened him to the socially awkward, weighs the benefits of having a dungeon master in the writer’s room, and explains why he may never get to be a hero again. Then, bolstered by Dan’s advice, Seth and Dillon try to freestyle! This is the final episode of Harmania, but be sure and listen next week for our interview with producer Dustin Marshall!



Harmania part 3 / Erin McGathy

Erin McGathy, the emotional core of Harmontown, tells us the origin story of her podcast, This Feels Terrible, gets real with us about all the stresses of going on tour with the one you love, and whether or not she regrets Pittsburgh.  Also, Seth and Dillon salute her feminine approach to D&D!  This is part 3 of 4, tune in tomorrow for our interview with Dan Harmon!